September 30, 2012

McMillan reflects on visit

Liberty County linebacker Raekwon McMillan is just a junior in high school, but when you are considered by many to be the best linebacker in Georgia, one of the most talent rich states in the country, many are bound to know who you are.

Despite the fact that he won't sign a Letter of Intent for well over a year, McMillan is usually recognized when visits college campuses, and when he visited Athens on Saturday to watch Georgia take on Tennessee, it was no different.

"It was cool because people recognized me and knew my face," said McMillan. "It just lets you know that the hard work is paying off. It lets me know that all of the notoriety I am working for is coming and stuff like that."

McMillan has been to the Classic City a number of times before, but this trip was a bit different due to the amount of time he got to spend with the Georgia coaches.

In this case, the variance may have made the trip better.

"It was definitely one of my best visits there. It might have been my best visit to Georgia, really," he said. "I got to spend some one-on-one time with Coach (Mark) Richt and I started building a relationship with Coach (Kirk) Olivadotti"

Olivadotti, who is only in his second year at Georgia, has yet to make a mark from himself as a recruiter at the college level, but McMillan says that is only a matter of time before recruits start flocking to the former NFL assistant.

"He is a great guy. He is real involved with the recruits and he just mingles with all the recruits so well," said McMillan. "Most coaches don't mingle with the recruits like he does, and he is just a good guy to be around."

It wasn't just Olivadotti's personality that had an impact on the 2014 standout.

McMillan is also draw to the NFL experience of the UGA inside linebackers coach and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

"You can definitely tell that they have great coaching experience," he said. "When I went into his office, we broke down some film and he showed me some things I can use to get better now. I thought that was pretty cool. They use their linebackers in the middle of the field and in coverage. Then the use them off the edge sometimes. They use their linebackers in a variety of ways and that is what I am looking for."

As for what McMillan saw on the field on Saturday, he believes that the Georgia defense has much more to prove but also has the ability to prove it.

"The defense wasn't up to par," he said. "They didn't play their best. They gave up a lot of yards and points, but they will have to come out and play better against South Carolina. Tyler Bray came out and made them work, and they'll be ready next week."

Two teams, Georgia and Ohio State, have long been thought to be a the top for McMillan, and according to the junior prospect, the competition between those two teams is as tight as ever.

"Georgia and Ohio State are tied at the top," said McMillan. "Those are the two schools that just stand out above the other colleges for me. The closes to them are Clemson, Alabama, and USC."

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